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I believe Prairie Village has the potential to be a leading example in the area of sustainability. Our City Hall already runs on geothermal. We were the first city to sign on to KCP&L’s Renewables Direct program, and we are getting ready to install several electric charging stations. While serving on the Council, I would support:


* moving away from plastic bags in our shopping districts

* installing solar panels to provide power to our neighborhood parks

* replacing older model city-owned vehicles with electrical vehicles



Install Pedestrian Beacon Lights at Crosswalks

As our city continues to focus on expanding walkability throughout our community, I think we need to put more focus on safety as well. Anyone who has walked the neighborhood, or has children that do, are aware of the potential danger our pedestrian crosswalks currently pose. The bottom line is most cars do not stop for pedestrians. I think in most cases, people are just driving on auto-pilot and don't see that someone is trying to cross the road.  


I have seen the success that solar-powered pedestrian beacon lights have had in places they are used. They are highly effective at catching the attention of drivers, resulting in cars stopping so that pedestrians can safely cross the road.


There are currently 29 pedestrian crosswalks in PV that are not equipped with beacon lights or traffic signals. For the safety of residents, I want to see solar-powered beacon lights added to these 29 crosswalks. It will be an investment of about $6,000 per crosswalk, for a total of $174,000. This equates to residents investing about $7.75 to make this happen.



Install a Security Camera in the Parking Lots of all City Parks

Even though our parks are safe overall, PV has experienced criminal activity in our neighborhood parks over the years.


I believe the addition of a security camera in the parking lots would help to deter criminal activity, and if something illegal does happen in the park there is video footage of those who have entered and exited the parking lot. This video footage would be very helpful in tracking down perpetrators. With this technology at our fingertips, the addition of security cameras in the parking lot should be a given.  



Create a "Code of Conduct"

Last year, I contacted City Staff and City Council regarding the impact that all the home builds have had over the past few years to neighbors living next to these construction sites. I expressed the need for a Code of Conduct to be created to limit the impact that the construction process has had on residents. I would continue to push this forward as a Council member.